tamer ertuna
Tamer Ertuna belgesel
Tamer Ertuna was born on February 5, 1958 in İstanbul as member of a migrating family from Bulgaria. He graduated from Istanbul Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences (IITIA) in 1979 and retired from after working as an accountant long years in the private sector. Tamer Ertuna who has a love of nature, starting from his childhood, developed a passion for sub-aqua and mountaineering, worked professionally as a trekking guide for a while. For a long time, he writes poetry. He is interested in all branches of art throughout his life. After retirement, he has started artworks intensevly. Because of worrying about trails of ancient civilizations, state of nature in all seasons, besides its any moment, he takes a long walks. He is an attentive observer. Tamer Ertuna’s interests and experiences have enhanced his fantasy world and energised him to create. Changes in life influences him deeply. Enthusiasm or melancholy returns his works ironically. He cares about ‘’natural life’’ mainly. The creation charmes him. Although we are passing in the world, that humanity cause carelessly permanet damages to the nature worries him. In time, he makes in his illustrations the world of his own as another world and imagines himself above its lying back ill bird. Based on eternity, nestings and contrast in the same illustration to use, he depicts now and then night and day (the sun, the moon and the stars) in the same painting. In the meantime, this is a reference to enthusiasm and fall. The bird lying back above the world of his own is so as a sign in his illustrations. He appears as a viewer in his illustrations, in this way, he watches visitors who view the illustrations. Tamer Ertuna creates his illustrations in the miscellaneous colour and thickness by using permanent and silver pencils. His technique is self created in time. His art is unique. He participated in many domestic and international exhibitons and some of the artist’s illustrations have been used in books and magazine. Tamer Ertuna is living in Datca now and he continues to his works there.